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100% Bamboo Solid California King Sheets from Royal Tradition

Have you found yourself waking up in the morning with congestion? Maybe you have a sore throat even after a good night’s rest? Dust mites are in virtually every household. The way to combat them is to have a bed set that helps fight off these microscopic creatures. When you put these 100% bamboo California king sheets on your bed, you are creating a first line of defense against tiny invaders. Bamboo has a natural resistance against microbes, giving you a healthier night’s sleep. Your allergies will thank you for it.

Even though bamboo is one of the most harvested plants in the east, it grows very quickly and is constantly replenishing itself. When you purchase a set of bamboo sheets, you are helping the environment, thus helping to make a better world. Since the bamboo is grown without the aid of pesticides, these sheets will not cause skin irritations or harmful reactions. The wicking effect of bamboo helps to keep your body dry during the hot months, allowing you to continue sleeping in comfort. These sheets boast a 60% absorption rate over cotton. Bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and possess deodorizing properties too.

The feel of these bamboo sheets against your skin is far superior to that of cotton. Although the bamboo plant is hard, it’s able to be woven into sheets that are incredibly silky and smooth. The sheets are amazingly soft, even softer than Egyptian cotton. After experiencing these mellow sheets, you will never want to go back to cotton. By putting 100% bamboo California king sheets on your bed, you will take your bed to a royal level of comfort. The bamboo will give you continued comfort throughout the year, regardless of the temperature. The deep pockets of the fitted sheet are designed to accommodate up to an 18ˮ mattress. There is also an elastic band around the entire bottom edge of the fitted sheet to ensure a perfect fit.

Available in a wide array of colors to complement your bedroom’s decor. The Royal Tradition California king bamboo sheet set contains a California king flat sheet, a California king fitted sheet, and two king pillowcases.


  • 100% bamboo viscose which naturally hugs the body just like silk sheets
  • Amazingly silky and smooth bamboo sheets!
  • All-around elastic band in the fitted sheet to ensure a snug fit
  • Deep pockets to fit up to 18-inch mattresses
  • Solid pattern and superior quality stitching
  • 60% more absorbent than cotton to keep you dry and comfortable no matter what time of year
  • Has antibacterial and deodorizing properties and is extremely resistant to dust mites and other microbes
  • From the distinguished Royal Tradition brand

Set Includes:

  • 1 - California king bamboo flat sheet (110ˮ x 102ˮ)
  • 1 - California king bamboo fitted sheet (72ˮ x 84ˮ)
  • 2 - King bamboo pillowcases (20ˮ x 40ˮ)

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