Unless you hang out with the Lakers, you probably stand head and shoulders above your friends. You are a unique person and you need things to be a certain way. After all, that is why you bought your California king bed. You want your bed to display a certain image and there is no better way to do that than to cover it with quality bedding. BestBedding.com has all the California king bedding you need. All of our California king bed sheet sets are made with the finest materials anywhere. Whether you need Egyptian cotton, super soft bamboo, or even micro fiber, we have just what you desire. Our fine sheet sets will make sure your bed looks the best it can.

The California king mattress is 12" wider than a queen and 4" longer. Because of this, you will need extra-long California king bedding to ensure a good fit. BestBedding.com is happy to bring you the finest in proper bedding for your over-length bed. We seek out only the finest in quality for our customers. The sheets are put through a rigorous test and we even have our staff members try the sheets out to verify they meet our high standards of quality. The companies we choose are some of the best in the business. We like to strike a balance between comfort and presentation. All of our California king sheet sets look great and last a long time, thanks to the high quality of stitching and high thread counts.

Making the bed look its best is a necessary part of any bedding selection. Buying a California king bed skirt from us will not only add style and elegance to your long bed, but will also disguise the additional storage room under your bed. The skirts are also made of the finest materials. They have been designed to fall all the way down to the floor, preventing dust and other items from being visible underneath the bed.

Since California king box springs are also prone to spills, bed bugs, and dust mites, you will want to get a California king box spring protector to keep your box spring clean and healthy. We make sure to provide only the finest in box spring protection. The covers are machine washable and promise to keep their quality for a very long time.

When the nights get cold, you will want to keep warm. We have a great selection of California king comforters. These plush spreads will provide you with warmth and comfort at the same time. These luxurious comforters are available in a vast array of styles, fabrics, fills, and colors. You will snuggle up under them for years to come.

If you want to preserve the life of your mattress and keep it in the best condition possible, you should invest in one of our mattress pads. These keep moisture from soiling the mattress and provide you with an extra layer of comfort to aid you in having a restful sleep. The stitching makes little pockets of softness that cushion your body like a cloud.

A great addition to your comfort is a California king featherbed. These will provide you with an even better sleep due to the extra loft and warmth provided by the high quality feathers inside. We choose only the best featherbeds and are proud to stand behind every one of them. The soft feathers will cradle you like a newborn and give you much needed support throughout the night. bestbedbedding.com has the best the world can offer in featherbedding.

Whatever you need for your California king bed, we can provide it for you. Our high quality sheet sets, mattress covers, bed skirts, and comforters have been chosen because of the high standards of the manufacturers. Look no further than BestBedding.com for your complete California king bedding needs.

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