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Pacific Coast® Light Warmth Down Comforter

Have you ever experienced waking up all sweaty because your comforter is too toasty for you? With the Pacific Coast® Light Warmth down comforter, you will never be awakened with an uncomfortable feeling of excessive heat. This comforter offers just the right amount of warmth, and will make you feel good every time you slip into bed. It's light and breathable and is perfect for places with warmer climates.  It will give you a restful sleep through all the seasons. This is also the best choice for warm sleepers or people who heat up easily during the night. In addition to its' light warmth, it also has a gentle down fabric making it light weight.  If you don’t want the feeling of being weighed down, the Pacific Coast® Light Warmth down comforter is the best option for you.

Designed with a 300 thread count, 100% cotton shell and luxurious 550 fill power providing the user with good insulation, but not too much. You will get the right fluffiness that will last longer than your average comforter, and the quality will stay outstanding for years. The 10” Sewn Box Design and Enhance Comfort Lock® ensure that the fill is locked in place and keeps the feathers from leaking.

The fill is tightly woven with Barrier Weave Fabric® with a navy blue trim and cording, which prevents the down from shifting to the edges. This will keep the feathers in place on the sleeping area, and the fill evenly distributed providing temperature regulation while not feeling too heavy on the body. It also has built in duvet loops for convenience. Every Pacific Coast®Light Warmth down comforter is also Hyperclean®, processed and cleaned eight times with gentle and neutral pH cleaners to remove all the dirt, dust, and allergens making the bedding antimicrobial and free from allergens. The Hyperclean® is also backed up by our Allergen Free Warranty, a 30-day allergy-free warranty or the product can be fully refunded.

Available in twin, full/queen, and king sizes. As with other Pacific Coast® products, it also has a 10-year warranty and a promise to be Fluffy for Life™.


  • 300 thread count cotton fabric
  • 550 fill power
  • Provides gentle warmth and light weight on body
  • Hyperclean®, feathers are cleaned and processed 8 times
  • Allergen Free Warranty, a 30-day test free from any allergic reactions
  • Barrier Weave Fabric®, ensures the down is in the sleeping area
  • 10” Sewn Box Design and Enhance Comfort Lock ®, keeps the feather from leaking
  • Fluffy for Life™
  • 30 Night Comfort Guarantee
  • 10-Year Warranty

Available sizes:

  • Twin
  • Full/Queen
  • King

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