Full XL Sheet Sets

It's now become common for standard-sized beds like a regular full to be stretched out by five inches to become what is know as, a "full XL" bed.  These extra long full beds are great in rooms where space is an issue.  They accomodate both larger teens and adults alike without taking up any more wall space because they are the same width as a standard full bed.  With the extra length, one can truely stretch out all the way without fear of their feet hanging off the end of the bed or being crammed in by the footboard.  There's nothing worse than a bed that isn't quite big enough for the individual, and we can attest to that.

Aside from the benefits, these beds will require special full XL sheets that are made extra-long to accomodate for the extra length of the bed.  A regular full fitted sheet will not work for a full XL bed because it will be too tight from head to foot.  Stretching a regular full sheet is not the best way.  Full XL bed sheets must be used for a proper fit, and the correct size pocket depth must be chosen for the fitted sheet to ensure that it fits, stays securely on the mattress, and doesn't pop off in the night.  Any mattress thicker than 12 inches is going to require extra-deep pocket full XL bed sheets, so look for products that have an extra-deep pocket option. 

Below, you can find out full line of full XL sheet sets in a range of fabrics and thread counts.  The thread count is a major factor in the composition of bed sheets, as it often designates the thickness, softness, and quality of a set of sheets.  If your're looking to get more than just an extra long full sheet set, then please note that we do also offer complete full XL bedding sets that will provide a complete solution for your bed because they include everything you need for a good nights' rest.  These include an extra long full comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, and more.  We also offer full XL fitted sheets by themselves if all you need to do is replace a fitted sheet if you already have the other components of the sheet set.  You no longer have to buy a whole sheet set if all you need is a fitted sheet or two to reinvigorate your bedding arrangement.

No matter what bedding you're looking for, your questions and comments are always extremely welcomed.  You can get a hold of us by using the 'Contact Us' link in the footer of our site.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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