Olympic Queen Bed Skirts

Providing perfect-fitting bed skirts are one of our passions and we’d love nothing more than to share our passion with you. Bed skirts help provide a finished look for any bedroom but perfect bed skirts do not happen by themselves. In addition to matching for the right color, the perfect skirt is going to be tailored exactly to the size of the bed as well as the height of the bed off of the floor.

Please browse our Olympic queen bed skirts here, available in over 30 colors and several types of fabric! We have stunningly beautiful 200 thread count cotton-blend skirts that are wrinkle resistant and a more economical option. Our 300 thread count skirts are a little thicker and made with 100% pure long-staple cotton. Both are made in the USA using only the best materials available and are a great choice.

Choose a pleated (also known as “boxed” or “tailored”) style for a clean and chic look or a ruffled style to add some extra softness and excitement to your room. It’s all about personal taste and style in this department.

Whether the top of your box frame is 14 inches off the floor or 48 inches off of the floor we have an Olympic queen bed skirt that will accommodate for the height of your bed perfectly. Simply measure from the floor to the top of your box frame and subtract an inch or two for a great fit. The “drop length” is simply a measurement from the top of the platform to the floor, but you’ll want to subtract a couple inches that way the skirt is not touching the floor.

Everything shown here is fully machine-washable with split corners to accommodate adjustable beds in addition to those with headboards and footboards. Works great as a dust ruffle and perfect for hiding under-bed storage.

Enjoy flat-rate $7.95 shipping on orders under $150 or get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150. You will not find finer bedding a better price, we guarantee it! Check it out today and get in touch if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.

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