Olympic Queen Mattress Protectors

Don’t let your mattress be ruined by a spill! Protect your mattress from these bedroom calamities by encasing it in an Olympic queen mattress protector. We can’t tell you how many times we have heard of these great products saving the day when it comes to spill protection. When you think about it, it’s crazy not to have a mattress protector from both health and investment standpoints.

Our selection might not be huge in this department, but you can be sure that what we do offer here are the best mattress protectors on the planet. The quality of products from Malouf Fine Linens® is outstanding and we are extremely proud to offer both their Sleep Tite™ and Encase™ mattress protectors. Both types are great choices and offer outstanding protection, but the Encase™ mattress protector goes a step further and encases the entire mattress, even the bottom! This full-service protection is especially necessary for those wanting to battle bed bugs, dust mites and other harmful creatures.

The Sleep Tite™ is great for most applications, but if you never want to worry about the healthiness and cleanliness of your mattress, option for the Encase™ Six-Sided Olympic queen Mattress Protector from Malouf Fine Linens®. You won’t be disappointed.

It’s not about how many products you offer, but how good those products are. This is one of our core values and will never change.

As always, if there’s anything else you need to know or if there is anything we can do to make your shopping more, please get in touch with us at one of the links on the bottom of the site. We pride ourselves in providing friendly and informative responses to all questions. Thanks for looking!

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Complete and total protection, yet ultra-thin and quiet so it won't change the feel of your mattr..
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Our Sleep Tite™ mattress protector from Malouf Fine Linens® is 100% waterproof with a breatheable..
Ex Tax: $49.99
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