Whether you call it a 3-4 or a "three quarter" doesn't matter.  We're not scheming NFL defenses here...  What matters on THIS page is that our selection of three quarter sized bedding is the best collection that you are going to find anywhere!  We specialize in 3/4 sheets, bed skirts, comforters and more, all at terriffic prices. 

Many people contact us and ask "What are the dimensions of the 3/4 sized bed?  Well, if you own one of these delightfully unique beds and are wondering the dimensions of a three quarter sized bed, then you should know that the 3/4 sized bed measures 48 inches long and 75 inches wide.  All our sheets and other bedding are custom made to give your bed a truely tailored look. 

Looking for something for your bedroom but just not seeing it here?  Don't be shy!  Get a hold of us today on our contact us page and we will be happy to answer and questions that you might have.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our products.  Have an amazing day!


-The BestBedding.com Staff

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