Twin XL Mattress Pads

If you happen to own a the extra long version of the twin bed called a "twin XL" bed, you'll want bedding that is tailored to accommodate for the extra length. All of's extra long twin bedding is made with five extra inches of length to accommodate for the extra length. Regular twin bedding just won't fit right on these beds, especially fitted sheets and mattress pads. It's like using sheets for an adolescent's bed on an adult bed. It just does't work. These twin XL beds will require bedding that takes the extra length into account, particularly extra long twin mattress pads. These special twin XL mattress pads should be used to ensure a good fit.

These extra long twin beds are often used in college dorms, hospitals, and other institutions because they provide the perfect amount of room for the average adult to sleep. While at the same time, they don't take up any excess room and have a lot of other benefits. Believe it or not, twin XL mattresses are also the same mattresses that are used in the popular "split king" beds. These beds are actually two twin XL mattresses placed side-by-side to form a split king. Therefore, twin XL bedding like bed skirts, fitted sheets, and mattress pads usually work great on the individual mattresses. Appropriately-sized comforters and flat sheets are required, but twin XL will fit perfectly on the individual mattresses.

To enjoy the full benefit of your bed, consider adding a quality mattress pad. They not only increase the comfort, but they can rejuvenate an old bed and add an extra layer of protection between you the unknowns of a mattress. A waterproof mattress pad is most effective at protection from mites and bed bugs, but will also protect a mattress from spills and stains. Our waterproof mattress pads include a breathable top, so they don't really even change the feel of the mattress. It's a win-win and there's really nothing to lose. All of our mattress pads are the "skirt" type fit because that type provides the best fit and tends not to move around like the "strap-type" does.

Please browse our twin XL mattress pads below and if there is anything that we can do to assist you, please drop us a line.

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