Twin XL Sheet Sets

The twin XL bed is an extra-long version of the twin bed and it is commonly found in college dorms.  In fact, most college dorms throughout the country utilize twin XL beds in their dorm rooms, and for good reason.  They're a great choice for institutions because they don't take up too much room, but still accomodate the needs of taller individuals who need the extra length of the bed.  They're even stackable.  These extra long twin beds are actually 80 inches long instead of the usual 75 inch length of a regular twin bed.  Because of this, you'll need extra long twin sheets to accomodate for the extra five inches of length if you have one of these beds.

The twin XL bed is also the same size mattress used in the split king bed, which is a bed that consists of two twin XL mattresses, side-by-side.  These split mattresses are often independently adjustable, and special adjustable bed sheets should be purchased for these kinds of beds.  If the bed is a split king bed that is not adjustable, then a twin XL fitted sheet could be used for each mattress if you have twin XL fitted sheets available.  In cases where one has a split king bed, we recommend getting a proper split king sheet set.  But, if all you need are fitted sheets, then two twin XL fitted sheets are the same thing as one pair of split king fitted sheets.

Below, you will find our entire selection of twin XL sheets.  They're available in an array of colors and sizes that are designed to blend with any pre-existing bedding arrangement nicely.  If you are looking for a complete bedding ensemble that includes a comforter, duvet cover, sheet set, and bedskirt, then we recommend checking out some of our twin XL bedding sets for a more complete option. 

If you have any questions about any of our products, or comments about anything, we ask that you please drop us a line using the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the website.  We'll do our best to provide a prompt, courteous answer to all of your bedding-related questions


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