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Mattress warranties are usually voided by stains and a waterproof mattress protector is a sure-fire way to protect your mattress from all of life’s occasional little mishaps in bed.  Over time, even the most expensive mattresses will turn yellowish-brown from perspiration and other body fluids. Financial benefits aside, mattress protectors are good for you and your family’s health because they protect from bacteria, bed bugs and dust allergens.  For those with respiratory problems, using a mattress protector can make a world of improvement.

For the maximum amount of protection, we recommend the Encase™ Six-Sided Mattress Protector that includes a breathable, ultra-thin top.  These encase the entire mattress, even the bottom side, with a Micro Title™ zipper enclosure that is fully impenetrable to bed bugs so your mattress will remain clean and fresh indefinitely.

To make your mattress more comfortable while at the same time offering protection, we also offer a gelled microfiber mattress pad / mattress protector combination that is also 100% waterproof.  These Quilt Tite™ Waterproof Mattress Pads offer an additional layer of gelled microfiber for softness, but at the same time offer an extremely high level of protection for your bed.

When looking for a mattress protector, most customers are looking for a 5-sided Sleep Tite™ Mattress Protector with a 100% terry surface.  These are the least intrusive pads and offer a great layer of protection without completely encasing the bottom side of the mattresses too.  Sleep Tite™ Mattress Protectors are ultra-thin and are designed to offer ample waterproof protection in the stealthiest way possible.  The terry surface breathes so eliminate heat and it is so thin that you will not even realize it is there.

We offer the complete line of mattress protectors from Malouf Fine Linens® because we feel these are the BEST mattress protectors available.  They are thin, breathable and fit beds like a glove.  In fact, the thin Encase™ and Sleep Tite™ mattress protectors were designed so that the sleeper does not even realize they are there.  They fit the bed snugly and are fully elasticized with heavy duty elastic.  Each of our protectors is lined with a luxurious, breathable layer of fabric so they will not accumulate heat like plain polyurethane protectors.

All of our mattress protectors are backed by a 15-year warranty and will fit mattresses from 6 to 22 inches thick.  Available in a broad range of sizes from cribs to California king beds.

To inquire about any of our bedding products or for any other questions you may have, please feel free to contact our customer service department using the link at the bottom of the website.  We are always eager to offer answers to any questions you might have.

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Complete and total protection, yet ultra-thin and quiet so it won't change the feel of your mattr..
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For an extra layer of comfort and protection, we highly recommend the five-sided Quilt Tite™ wate..
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Our Sleep Tite™ mattress protector from Malouf Fine Linens® is 100% waterproof with a breatheable..
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