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600TC Egyptian Cotton Solid Pillowcase Pair from Malouf Fine Linens®

Now, you can have king or queen pillowcases made from the same fabric as our most-recommended sheet set.  These pillowcases are woven in a mercerized 600 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric from Malouf Fine Linens®.  Mercerized fabrics are different than regular fabrics because they undergo an extra step of refinement that results in a superior color, strength, and luster.  The mercerization process is a finalizing treatment that actually increases the size of the cell walls of the cotton fibers.  It's a little technical, but the end result is cotton fibers that have a vastly increased amount of surface area.  More surface area in each cotton fiber makes mercerized bedding much softer when compared to unmercerized bedding.

In addition to being mercerized, they also have some other great highlights.  For one, they are a 600 thread count which is a great midrange-to-high thread count.  They have a superior luster, are woven more tightly, and are much softer than lower thread count pillowcases.  But, they're not too thick as some higher thread count fabrics can be.

They fabric is also an Egyptian cotton single-ply, which means that the manufacturer did not twist two threads together to increase a 300 thread count to a 600 thread count.  These are true, single-ply, 600 thread count pillowcases.  The Egyptian cotton is a strain of cotton that has been refined for hundreds of years and originated around the Nile River Valley in Egypt.  It is a long-staple cotton, which means the cotton can be pulled into much longer strands.  The strands can be pulled into much longer and stronger threads that do not fray and form little balls like some threads tend to do.

Each pillowcase hem features a rich stain piping that runs along the opening for the pillow and is oversized by a few inches to accomodate oversized luxury pillows.  Available in king and queen sizes.  The queen-size pillowcases work great for standard pillows.  Colors available are white, ivory, khaki, chocolate, silver sage, and slate.


  • 600 thread count, single-ply fabric
  • Mercerized for a very smooth and lusterous feel
  • 100% long-staple combed Egyptian cotton
  • Pillowcases oversized for oversized luxury pillows
  • Subtle statin-piped hem

Sizes Available:

  • Queen (Standard): 
  • King

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