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Z™ Dough™ Memory Foam Pillow

If you like the support and comfort provided by memory foam, then you should really try resting your head on the Malouf Fine Linens® Memory Foam Molded Pillow.  Manufactured with great precision, the memory foam molded pillow also includes a petal-soft velour cover that allows the user to experience the softest and doughiest foam ever, while having a luxurious barrier to protect the pillow. A simply amazing bedroom furnishing accessory, it is filled with high-quality memory foam that features a soft and quick recovery quality.

Unlike other cut memory foam pillows, this pillow comes in a molded form that allows it to effectively conform to the weight and pressure of the body. Additionally, its superior Z™ formula produces finer doughy memory foam that assures to soothe tired nerves. It is available in king and queen sizes that are high loft and feature plush density.

Part of Z™ pillow line from Malouf Fine Linens. It works on the open cell technology that promotes better air flow to yield maximum resilience and durability. Additionally, this technology will also prevent the pillow from flattening over the time by promoting even air circulation necessary for superior heat transference.

Antimicrobial and resistant to allergens and dust mites, the pillow features a breathable manufacturing technique that allows it to maintain comfortable sleeping temperature. Featuring a traditional shape to harmonize well with the overall bedroom decor, it also includes super-soft velour cover that is soft and easy to remove and wash.


  • Z™ Formula for a doughier memory foam
  • Works on open cell technology to increase air circulation
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant
  • Comes in a molded form
  • Does not flatten over time
  • Luxuriously soft, removable velour cover
  • Easily fits pillowcase

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