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Z™ Gelled Microfiber™ Pillow

The Gelled Microfiber-filled pillow is a part of Z™ pillow line from Malouf Fine Linens® and is made to give the benefits of down without any odor. This gelled microfiber pillow is designed to give the luxurious feel of a down-filled pillow without any trace of allergens or the smell of real feathers or sharp quills. It is filled with gel-coated microfibers so that the down alternative filling offers a traditional feel while sleeping on them.

Made by using one of the thinnest fibers known to man, the process of making this pillow involves coating near-microscopic fibers with gel to create the right level of consistency. As a result, the siliconized tiny gel fibers actively combine together to maximize softness and comfort.

Featuring a super-soft microfiber cover, it has a down alternative filling with a super-soft microfiber shell that gives a luxurious feel. The filling will not flatten over time and this helps ensure a wonderful sleep experience. The consistent filling will not shift or clump as it has a quick loft recovery.

The breathable construction of this pillow will result in a comfortable sleeping temperature. Antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites, the traditional shape of gelled microfiber allows it to easily fit the pillowcase to further blend well with bedroom décor.


  • Down alternative gel-coated microfibers filling
  • Gives luxurious feel with no odor or allergens
  • Siliconized gel fibers gives soft shell
  • Filling does not shift or clump
  • Traditional shape easily fits the pillowcase

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