If we ship you the wrong item, we will apologize to you and be more than happy to take care of our mistake by issuing either a refund or a replacement.  We will send you a prepaid UPS return label so that you may return the item at no cost to you.  UPS return labels are generally emailed to customers and printed at home.  The returned packages can be dropped off a UPS store or you can call 1-800-PICK-UPS and they will arrange for a free pickup at home.

Our Mayfield brand products are all custom made to order and we have to maintain a strict returns policy for these custom made items due to the cost of materials.  Because all products from the Mayfield brand are all custom made, these products can only be returned if they are defective.  Returns must be requested 7 days of receiving the item and the returned bedding must be returned with the original packing, as close as possible to how it was received.  If the fabric is balled up in the box or damaged by the customer with ripped up packaging, we might not be able to issue a full replacement so please try not to do that.  Any bedding that is returned should be folded as nicely as possible and placed in the packaging as close to how it was received as possible.  Preparing your return correctly can result in a quicker turn around and greatly reduces the chance that a restocking fee will be charged.  These products are not elidgible to be returned due to color variances between product photos and the color of the products delivered.

All other products may be returned within 7 days of receipt for any reason, but there is a 20% restocking fee to accommodate for shipping, handling, packaging, etc.   If we make a mistake, we will never charge a restocking fee.  If an item has been washed or used, we will not accept a return because we are unable to verify whether or not the proper care instructions were followed.  Even the finest bedding will be damaged with improper laundering.

We recommend washing bed sheets, bed skirts, duvet covers and pillowcases on a low agitation setting with a mild detergent.  Do not bleach any of our bedding.  Dry on a low heat setting and remove from dryer when bedding is 90% dry, placing directly on the bed.  This will make your bedding last the longest over time.  Do not over dry your bedding in the dryer.  When washing and drying multiple items, only combine similar items of similar fabrics in the same load.  For example, do not throw in some towels with your 600 thread count sheets.  Doing all of these items will help to ensure your bedding lasts a long time and will never develop little uncomfortable pills or balls. Items like pillows and comforters should always be dry cleaned, especially if they contain any kind of feather or down. 

We try to be fair in allowing returns of all of our products, but because of the cost of materials we must be strict on certain products.  We believe our returns policy is fair and in-line with many of the leaders in our industry.  If you have any questions our returns policy or proper laundering techniques, please contact us today.