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Mayfield 500 Thread Count Pima Cotton Single-Ply Sheet Set

We offer 500 thread count Pima cotton sheet sets that will fit your bed like it was meant to be, no matter the size. We make sheets in virtually every size which helps ensure a great fit for all our customers. Our 500 thread count Pima cotton fabric is the pinnacle in our selection of fine fabrics. Generations of refinement have gone into this amazing type of cotton which is grown right here in the USA. The resulting fabric is among the best and softest in the world with a rich sheen and resilient durability.

Pima cotton is considered extra-long staple (ELS) cotton. This ELS cotton is preferred over regular short-staple cotton because it is able to be stretched into longer and stronger threads. The result is a fabric that is supple, smooth and glossy. Pima cotton has been a staple in the best linens for over a century now. Refined in the Southwest United States since the early 1900's, the name honors the Pima Indians who originally helped raise the ELS cotton. Discover the result of generations of refining cottons by trying a set of our Pima cotton sheets.

The fabric of these sheet sets is what is known as a “single-ply” fabric. This means the thread count is not artificially inflated to achieve a higher number. Be wary of bedding that does not list the ply of the fabric because it is common for manufacturers to twist two or three threads together in order to make a higher thread count. This set is not a 2-ply-250 thread count. It is a true 500 thread count single-ply and the final quality is obvious when the tightly-woven fabric is felt against the skin. This is the type of fabric people refer to as “whisper soft”.

Having a combination of long-staple Pima cotton along with a single-ply weave helps to ensure that little balls known as “pills” do not accumulate on the fabric. To guarantee a great fit, we highly recommend choosing a pocket depth on the fitted sheet that is appropriate for the depth of your mattress. Mattresses generally measure between 9 and 15 inches thick and a “regular” pocket will work great in these most common circumstances. If you have a sofabed mattress or otherwise thin mattress, we recommend choosing the “sofabed” pocket because these work best for mattresses from 5 to 9 inches thick. If you have an extremely thick mattress, we can also easily accommodate for you with one of our extra deep pocket sheet sets.

Each of our Pima cotton sheet sets comes with:

  • 1 - Flat sheet (oversized to allow for ample tucking)
  • 1 - Fitted sheet (we custom tailor-the fitted sheets to for the depth range of the mattress)
  • 1 or 2 - Pillowcases (appropriately sized and paired depending on the size of the bed)

Twin, super single and cot sizes include one standard pillowcase while three quarter, full and queen sizes include two standard pillowcases that measure 20 x 30 inches. King, split king, super king and California king sheet sets each include two king pillowcases which measure 20 x 40 inches. If you need additional matching pillowcases, we offer them here as well.

For colors options, choose betwen clean white or classic ivory to compliment your existing bedding. Please review the size chart below to determine the best size sheets for your bed. Generally, variations in size by an inch or two do not matter, but please contact us here if you have any questions about your bed.

Dimensions of Flat and Fitted Sheets (Length x Width)
Size Flat Sheet Fitted Sheet
Cot   31 x 74
Hospital   36 x 75
Hospital XL   36 x 80
Hospital XXL   36 x 84
Twin   39 x 75
Twin XL   39 x 80
Super Singe   48 x 84
Super Singe Waterbed   48 x 84
Three Quarter   48 x 75
Full   54 x 75
Full XL   54 x 80
Queen   60 x 80
Queen Waterbed   60 x 84
California Queen   60 x 84
Olympic Queen   66 x 80
Split Queen   30 × 80 * 2
King   76 x 80
King Waterbed   72 x 84
California King   72 x 84
Super King   72 x 78
Split King   38 x 80 * 2
Split California King   36 x 84 * 2

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