Structures™ Universal Adjustable Bed Frame

A regular bed frame is something you can’t keep changing with each mattress you choose to buy for your specific needs. It costs you. It becomes inconvenient. Old items, if not given away, occupy precious space at home. The only solution to these problems lies in a single bed frame that can accommodate almost any bed size. The Structures Universal Adjustable Bed Frame.

Depending on the size of the bed, the fully adjustable bed frame comes fitted either four or six lug rollers. These are heavy duty rollers that each measure 2.5 inches wide. Several of the rollers are the locking kind so that the bed can be locked in place to avoid unwanted movement of the bed. But, this also makes the entire bed easily movable. You don’t have to lift or drag, just unlock the rollers and roll with ease. This is perfect for anyone especially those not too muscular or those medically limited to lifting only light weights. Rearranging the room’s decor along with the frame is so much easier.

Every individual has his own tastes and that includes headboards. What may appeal to one may not appeal to another. Now, whatever headboard you choose, you can fix it to this bed frame using the included universal headboard brackets. No need to compromise on choice for the sake of headboard frame size. Buy the one you like and affix it to the frame with the bracket. It’s as easy as that. If you bed has a footboard, we offer universal footboard brackets as well.

Assembly is very easy. You don’t need any additional tools to accomplish this. There’s no rocket science involved. Follow the simple instructions and there’s no way you can go wrong with it. Crossarms have keyslots to facilitate hassle-free assembly. Disassembly is just as easy. The assembly raises a box spring about 8 inches ground.

Being fully adjustable, the bed frame adjusts to standard sizes like king, queen, full, and twin, as well as extra long sizes like twin XL, full XL, and California king. As for quality, it's the best. Overall, it's incredibly strong because when the locking legs are engaged, the amount of metal in the corners is tripled. This adjustable bed frame will not break, not scratch, can fit almost any bed. Even the black matte powder coat finish is of the highest quality. Quite simply, it's the best bed frame available on the market today.



  • Universal headboard brackets
  • Extra-wide rug rollers (2.5”)
  • Locking legs provide excellent support with triple thick steel at the corners
  • Easy assembly
  • Keyslots crossarms
  • No additional tools required to assemble
  • 1-year warranty

Dimensions after Assembly:

  • California King – 71.75” x 71.5”
  • King – 75.75” x 71.5”
  • Queen – 59.75” x 71.5”
  • Full – 53.75” x 71.5”
  • Twin – 38.75” x 71.5”

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